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Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Start your Artificial Intelligence journey by enrolling in this program and cover various concepts on Python, Statistics and Machine Learning.

Program Highlights

Why Choose Advanced Artificial Intelligence Program?

Interactive learning anywhere

Attend online classes led by our top-notch faculty from anywhere in the world. Ask questions, engage with your peers.

Project Based Education

Apply data analysis techniques to solve real-world problems & build machine learning models to solve industry grade data problems

Specialize through our electives

Specialize from a variety of electives including Advanced Machine Learning, Data Analytics with R, Deep Learning etc.

Industry Focus

Choose projects from Ecommerce, BFSI, Telecom, Retail & become a domain specialist in the application of data science & machine learning.


Real world datasets from companies like Nike, Yelp, Amazon, Netflix etc. are provided to our students

Career Centre

Exclusive Interview preparation guides, Career Support, Placement Opportunity and many more..!

Career Booster

Interview preparation guides, Extra sessions on cutting edge technologies

Real World Projects

Integrating real world projects to make your resume world class


Exclusive Resume Workshop session by an expert.

Placement Opportunity

Post assessment, we provide jobs and internships to qualified students In Tech Mahindra*


Our world-class faculty are experienced working professionals working in senior positions of top-tier companies

Program Snapshot

Batch Launch: 05th January 2019

DURATION: 14 weeks

Timings: Sat & Sun 11am - 1pm

Course Fee

INR 82600 (inc.taxes)

Free Industry Workshops & Bootcamps for registered students

1 Batch Launched, 100+ Active Students


What are you going to learn ?

Module 1: Data Science Introduction & Use Cases

Module 2: Python Basics: Basic Syntax, Data Structures

Module 3: Python Basics: Loops, If-elif statements, Functions, Exception Handling

Module 4: Statistics 1: Measures of central tendency, Population, Sample, Probability Distribution

Module 5: Statistics 1: Normal and Binomial Distribution, Random Variable, Pictorial Representations

Module 6: Python Advanced: Numpy, Pandas

Module 7: Python Advanced: Data Manipulation, Matplotlib

Module 8: Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling

Module 9: Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Visualisation

Module 10: Exploratory Data Analysis: Case Study

Module 1: ML Introduction & Use Cases

Module 2: Statistics 2 - Inferential Statistics

Module 3: Linear Regression

Module 4: Logistic Regression

Module 5: Decision Trees, Random Forest

Module 6: Modelling Techniques (PCA, Feature Engineering)

Module 7: KNN, Naive Bayes

Module 8: Support Vector Machines(SVM)

Module 9: Clustering, K-means

Module 10: Time Series Modelling

Module 1: Market Basket Analysis & Apriori Algorithm

Module 2: Recommendation System

Module 3: Recommendation System - Mini Project

Module 4: Dimensionality Reduction (LDA, SVD)

Module 5: Dimensionality Reduction (Matrix optimisation)

Module 6: Anomaly Detection

Module 7: XG Boost

Module 8: Gradient Boosting Machine(GBM)

Module 9: Stochastic Gradient Descent(SGD)

Module 10: Ensemble Learning - I

Module 11: Ensemble Learning - II

Module 12: Introduction to Neural Networks


All the courses are instructor-led and take place online. The online interface lets you and the faculty have a two-way interaction. It’s as good as sitting in a physical classroom.

All classes take place over the weekends in the mornings. There’ll be one class of 2 to 2.5 hours on Saturdays and Sundays each. This means that you can now acquire in-demand skills without compromising on your schedule.

Yes, the recordings of the trial classes are uploaded.

In physical classrooms, students generally feel hesitant to ask questions. If you miss any class or didn’t understand some concepts, you can’t go through the class again. However, in online courses, it’s possible to do that. We share the recordings of all our classes after each class with the student. Also, there’s no hassle of long distance commuting and disrupting your schedule.

We believe that unless you implement the concepts studied in the classes, you are unable to join the dots and hence can’t see the entire picture. Our capstone projects let you apply the learned concepts to real-world data sets. You’ll be working on real-time datasets (which can run in 100s of MBs or possibly in GBs!) which you get to choose from a variety of domains such as retail, finance, social media, healthcare, etc. These data-sets have been curated from top sources such as World Bank, US Health Department, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and many more.

You’ll get access to our virtual computing lab through the login credentials provided to you. The virtual machines will enable you to work on “Big Data” sets for your projects and practice hands-on too.

We provide certification of completion to students who attend at least 70% of the classes. After the course ends, we conduct a certification exam that evaluates them on the skills they have learnt. Certification from Tech Mahindra is provided to only those who clear the exam. The exam is purely case-based and not even a single theory question is asked.

We provide career workshops and industry immersion sessions to help you become ready for roles you are aspiring for. We also help you in resume review and interview preparation. If you diligently follow our advice, you should start getting interview calls as soon as you finish the course.