10 TED Talks that will inspire you to learn Data Science in 2019

TED Talks are interesting, inspiring, and insightful. So is the world of Data Science. Naturally, when the two come together, it is nothing short of a feast for the mind. Over the years, several tech leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, and analysts, etc., have come together on the TED platform to explore various facets of Data Science. The topics they have covered range from Data Visualization to Relationship Analytics.

These TED Talks aptly demonstrate how Data Science can span over the field of futuristic technologies, business, and even modern art. The scope of knowledge in Data Science is limitless. And, what better than listening to experts of the domain, passionately talk about Data Science?

After extensively scouring through the TED mines, we have comprised a list of 11 TED Talks that will inspire you to learn Data Science in 2018. Watching these TED Talks will give you a comprehensive starting point to the world of Data Science.

Visualizing Ourselves With Crowd sourced Data by Aaron Koblin

“19th century culture was defined by the novel,

20th century culture by Cinema,

The culture of the 21st Century will be defined by the Interface.”

Aaron Koblin starts his TED Talk sharing this quote by a media theorist. This is one of those TED Talks that will get you hooked immediately. Demonstrating how Data and Art can come together so elegantly, Aaron Koblin takes vast amounts of Data and transforms them into beautiful visuals. Looking at the ebb and flow of Data tracing airline flights and cell phones is awe-inspiring, to say the least. The colors and patterns of the Data Visualizations by Koblin resembles the spectacular nebula. The way in which art and science come together so coherently in this TED Talk makes it a must watch!

Why we recommend this: You should watch it if you want to see how Data comes to life through images; like a movie.

The Beauty of Data Visualization by David McCandless

In this TED Talk, David McCandless discusses the importance of Data Visualization. He talks about how large and complex sets of data can tell their stories more efficiently in the form of patterns and designs. “Visualizing information so we can see the patterns and connections that matter, and then designing the information so it makes more sense, or tells a story.” he says.

He creates simple diagrams out of complex data sets like media buzz, Facebook updates, Military spending, etc., to show interesting patterns and connections within the data, using visualization. According to him, Data Visualization can help us see things in the data sets that we couldn’t have seen otherwise.

Why we recommend this: If you want to see how Data Visualization can help tell better stories through data, and help us see the existing data set in a completely new light, this TED Talk is the right option for you.

What We Learned From 5 Million Books by Erez lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel

Jean-Baptiste Michel, the founding director of ‘Harvard Cultural Observatory’ along with his friend and colleague, Erez Lieberman Aiden deliver this hilarious, yet extremely intelligent TED Talk about the importance of Data Analytics, and how it will take our world forward through ideas and inventions.

The TED Talk starts by Jean-Baptiste Michel saying, “A picture is not worth a thousand words. A picture, ladies and gentlemen, is worth 500 billion words.” The two then go on to prove their claims using the Big Data and Data Science technology.

Why we recommend this: You should definitely watch this to see how ‘awesome’ Big Data and Data science is. Plus, it is as entertaining as it is insightful, which will keep you hooked if you’re a novice in the field.

How data can revolutionize the business arena by Philip Evans

Philip Evans is the managing director and senior partner of the ‘Boston Consulting Group’. He has also co-authored the book, ‘Blown to Bits,’ for which he did a lot of research on the impact of Data Analytics and Scrapping in the business world.

In this insightful TED Talk, Evans discusses the impact of Data Science on Business Strategies. He believes that the conventional business strategies will not work in the modern world. A new approach founded on Data is imperative for forming strategies. He talks about the concept of ‘value chain’ and shares insights on how businesses can increase their returns to sales using Data Science.

Why we recommend this: If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to venture into the world of Data science, this is the go-to TED Talk for you.

The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen by Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is a superstar in the TED Talk arena. He has delivered several TED Talks that have deeply resonated with the audiences. Rosling has mastered the craft of blowing your mind while making you laugh. This is his one of this most captivating talks, with the runtime of 20 very informative and enjoyable minutes.

Here, he argues about why we need to change our entire thought process in order to conduct an appropriate analysis of data. He talks about how preconceived notions can blur your understanding of data, and how we can take a truly objective approach to Data Analysis.

Why we recommend this: As the title claims, this TED Talk really has some of the best stats you’ve ever seen. Watch this and it’ll drastically change your attitude towards Data Analysis. Watch this to experience the sheer passion with which Hans Rosling talks about Data. His love for Statistics and Data Science is contagious!

Relationship Analytics & Business by Zack Johnson

In this TED Talk, Zack Johnson talks about the importance of Data Analysis, and its relationship with organizations and general human behavior. Johnson discusses about the behavioral aspect of Data Analysis and how it can foster change. This TED Talk is slightly different from the others mentioned in the list, as it looks at Data Analysis from a very unique set of eyes.

Why we recommend this: This TED Talk is great if you want to look at Data Analysis from a humanistic point of view. He explains complex concepts with simplicity, that will help you in grasping his unique ideas quickly.

Big Data is Better Data by Kenneth Cukier

Although Data is all about statistics and mathematics, Kenneth Cukier asserts that we need to look at Data beyond just numbers. His TED Talk is focused on demystifying Data Science. He talks about the practical, real-world implications of Data Science and the Machine Learning technology. He concludes that in the near future, Data Science will be the key to taking our businesses and societies forward as a whole.

Why we recommend this: The way in which Cukier talks about the future of Data Science is mesmerising. It is practical, and exciting at the same time. This TED Talk will make you realize how important Data actually is for the modern world.

Making Data Mean More Through Storytelling by Ben Wellington

At the start of this TED Talk, Ben Wellington calls himself a ‘data storyteller’ — something which instantly grabs your attention and makes you want to know more. For the next fourteen minutes, Wellington does just that! He tells you exactly what a data storyteller is, and how you can become one too!

Why we recommend this: This is, perhaps, the most motivating Data Science TED Talk out there. Ben Wellington, who is an expert Data Analyst and a computer scientist shows you the beauty of data storytelling exceptionally well.

The Rise Of Human-Computer Co-operation by Shyam Sankar

Shyam Sankar is a bonafide Data technician — a data mining innovator and analyst. In this TED Talk, Sankar talks about the importance of human-computer relationships in the world of Machine Learning and Data Science. He argues that the right human-computer relationship is the key to all the big data problems. Until we learn to coherently work together, we cannot make the most of the available data.

Why we recommend this: This TED Talk by Shyam Sankar shows the wondrous feats human-computer co-operation can achieve, and how we can make the most of our available data. The talk is as fascinating as it is important.

Data Science For Entrepreneurs by Kevin Novak   

In this TED Talk, Kevin Novak, directly tells you how Uber made loads of money using Data Science. He talks about how they solved their User Interface problems, marketed their business, etc., using Data Science. He gives out great pieces of advice on how Data can be best used by businesses. He also talks about how Data and Design work efficiently with one another.

Why we recommend this: This TED Talk is best for the entrepreneurs who are looking for advice on how to leverage their Data to increase their Return on Investments.


There is no denying the fact that Data Science is extremely important in the modern world. Whether it is for business or for everyday life, Data Science is the need of the hour. The more you know about it the better it is. These TED Talks will help you navigate through the vast ocean of knowledge that is Data Science.